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Titanium Coffee Press Cooking Pot & Mug

by Banana
1 x Titanium Coffee Press - 750ml
1 x Titanium Mug - 350ml

Titanium French Press / cooking pot. It’s ultralight and an easy addition to camping and backpacking set-ups. With its single titanium wall, the French press can be placed over an open flame to quickly heat water for coffee
 - exceptionally lightweight and well made bit of kit.

350 ml Titanium mug with lid - exceptionally lightweight and well made bit of kit.

Titanium is designed to reduce pack weights for fast-moving hikers and minimalist camping trips, plus titanium is stronger than steel!

Titanium makes a fantastic addition to any adventure pack list and is great for backpacking and trekking adventures where a low pack-weight is important.

Coffee Pot Weighing only 210 grams. 
Mug Weighing only 79 grams. 
Durable and corrosion-resistant
Perfect size for solo cooking at 750ml - plenty for one or even two at a stretch.