Ramp & Party Fund

Ramp & Party Fund
Ramp & Party Fund
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We spent everything we have to get the ramp in the garden! It is a life-changing having a facility that allows you to push your limits on a daily basis, fueled by creative hype one exchanges with brothers who are always around! It is a dream come true.

So we have 50 of these for now - Limited editions! There are 2 ways to get one of these! You come to do Hill bomb or you help fund maintenance & party expenses! We didn't make enough to cover the costs from the last one sadly, so if you were there, please help us out - because we are going bigger next year ;)  

We have used stickers as our only form of advertising for years now! We are all sticker fanatics, there is nothing we own which isn't sticker-bombed!  

We take pride in our stickers because its hard to get quality stickers these days... these are non-scratch, weatherproof, solid stick .... these are stickers for life. - WE GUARANTEE


    • 1 Egg : width - 8 cm  Height - 8 cm
    • 4 Shells : width - 4 cm  Height - 4 cm 

    We met Henry through mutual friends up in North Wales! We couldn't help but click, both being in the same shoes running independent businesses!  We share the same level of commitment when it comes down to work! Striving for unmatched product quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction! We can't be more satisfied.

     If you need any custom decal kits or stickers, just get in touch with Henry! He will sort you out, with total professionalism, but with a rider to rider attitude :)  


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