Wild Roots

Premium Khaki Corduroy Snapback

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PROFILEProfileHigh          CROWNCrown3 ¾" High
VISORVisorFlat               PANELSPanels5

We've worked hard to bring you our new range of caps. Made by Yupoong, who set the benchmark of premium headwear since 1974. So we're stoked to release this new range of quality headwear, all made with the right ethos, ensuring they are not harming our planet. 

All our hats are MADE to ORDER, so you can choose what patch you want & make it more unique... who knows, you might even be the only one out there with that combo ;) So please be patient, we try and get all orders out as soon as we can.


At One with Mother Nature

No matter how much we love what we do, in the grand scheme of things, we’re just making hats here. We know there are more important things in life, such as having a positive impact on our world. That especially holds true in regards to our environment. Taking short cuts to stretch out profits is just bad business. All of our raw materials and processes are carefully selected and monitored to ensure they are not harming our planet.

We look to tough European standards as our benchmark, as well as companies whose environmental policies we admire. So you can rest assured that our hats stand for both quality and environmentally sound business practices.