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Organisation BananaStrap Large

by Banana

It's literally just a Velcro strap - but don't be fooled - it's mega useful.

You could be forgiven in thinking this innocent looking lightweight Velcro strap is useless, but it's quite the contrary - this strap is deceptive. 

Whether you want to strap tools to your bike, strap your mate to a chair, organise your gear for expeditions, strap stuff to your roof rack (in addition to a ratchet of course). These straps have thousands of uses - plus they're very strong, as in the velcro grip is better than you might think, and the tensile strength of the strap itself is strong enough to withstand any human hands. 

Obviously this isn't for towing cars or anything on that scale - but as we say, it's mega useful!

Width - 20mm / Length 600mm