Nepalese Cotton Yoga mat bag

Nepalese Cotton Yoga mat bag
Nepalese Cotton Yoga mat bag
Product image 1Nepalese Cotton Yoga mat bag
Product image 2Nepalese Cotton Yoga mat bag

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Hemp is an amazing material, with a rich history of uses throughout millennia. Being such a resilient, abundant, resourceful, strong and perhaps most importantly - 
sustainable resource - We've always wanted to produce hemp products, so we're happy to bring you this range of hand made Himalayan Yoga bags.

These have come straight from Kathmandu - Fabio met the manufactures when in Nepal in November 2018, and we're proud to say the production line is fully transparent, fair, equal, safe and we're directly supporting communities who need it most. 

Each of these bags features one inner zip pocket to keep valuables out of sight. 

Yoga Bag Dimensions: Approximately 71cm x 18cm

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