Fork Protectors WR Forest

Fork Protectors WR Forest
Fork Protectors WR Forest
Product image 1Fork Protectors WR Forest
Product image 2Fork Protectors WR Forest

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These are universal fork protectors ...Fox, Rockshox & Marzocchi & more!
Made with high-quality thick motocross vinyl. These protectors cover a wider area then your fork decals & add some uniqueness to your steed - for the #Shredheads

Easy Fitting 
1- Clean & Degrease fork legs thoroughly
2- Spray the surface with water, this will help you position the decals 
3- Before final fitting heat with heat gun or hair dryer to help wrap the graphic
4- Once fitted rub over graphic till it feels solidly put on 
5- Grab your bike & SHRED

We met Henry through mutual friends up in North Wales! We couldn't help but click, both being in the same shoes running independent businesses!  We share the same level of commitment when it comes down to work! Striving for unmatched product quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction! We can't be more satisfied.

 If you need any custom decal kits or stickers, just get in touch with Henry! He will sort you out, with total professionalism, but with a rider to rider attitude :)  


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