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JESUS SKIDS T-shirt - See Colour Options

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Jesus would definitely appreciate a fat skid, no doubt!!

Clayspades - the champions of Wharncliffe in Sheffield. They know how to ride, how to make the most insane, sculpted trails and how to draw some wicked designs... Just to name but a few qualities. 

50% of the profits from these t-shirts to directly fund tools for digging trails, all to often they disappear into the abyss.. Respect the Trails! Show some Love! 

Our Green Promise
Keep it green, keep it clean – reduce, reuse, recycle!

We try our best to preserve the environment, keeping it clean for generations to come.


This is why all our textiles are sourced from either Fair Wear, Confidence In Textiles, WRAP, Sedex and other Eco-friendly sources. All our machinery is Eco-Certified, using the minimum energy needed (and running on 100% RENEWABLE Electricity from UK Wind and Solar farms) and using the newest Inks, free from PVC or any other harmful elements, and completely biodegradable. Even the packaging used in our shipping are all is all made from recycled plastics.

Printed 2 Order - by hand & with lots of love and care 
All our print work is done in house, by us, by hand and with love and care. We do not believe in economies of scale, placing large orders and holding thousands of products in a warehouse that might never be sold. Over consuming our natural resources to make more profit just fuels the spiral of humankind’s destruction of the planet. We believe in Mass Customization, with no major stock holding. Each order is sent to production once purchased by our customer.

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