Bottle For Life 500ml

Bottle For Life 500ml
Bottle For Life 500ml
Bottle For Life 500ml
Product image 1Bottle For Life 500ml
Product image 2Bottle For Life 500ml
Product image 3Bottle For Life 500ml

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Kingud's sleek bottle for life is a little step towards a more sustainable future. 
These aliminium spun bottles are designed for life, so you can keep refilling refiling - cutting down on masses of plastic waste. Kingud will even replace the trigger should it ever get worn out. 

The eco friendly formula wash works a treat with the two position foaming trigger. Many modern composite bikes have surfaces which can be damaged by traditional solvent based cleaners. Kingud biodegradable bike cleaner is a water based product which lifts mud, dirt, salt, brake dust, oil, and insect remains quickly and safely from wet or dry surfaces. Kingud multi-surface cleaner for bikes will help keep your favourite ride in pristine condition.

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