Blank MTB Jersey

Blank MTB Jersey
Blank MTB Jersey
Blank MTB Jersey
Blank MTB Jersey
Blank MTB Jersey
Blank MTB Jersey
Blank MTB Jersey
Blank MTB Jersey
Blank MTB Jersey
Blank MTB Jersey
Blank MTB Jersey
Blank MTB Jersey
Blank MTB Jersey
Product image 1Blank MTB Jersey
Product image 2Blank MTB Jersey
Product image 3Blank MTB Jersey
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Regular price £50.00

Made with 100% Premium Italian Fabrics

COMFORT - Torso (Main Body) is made of 150 GSM Poly/Polyurea Copolymer Hybrid allowing superior moisture management & comfortable natural feel. The fabric moulds around your body, without any restriction on movement. 

FREE MOVEMENT - Sleeves are made of 120 GSM Ultralight Flexair Perforated Poly fabric, with a 4-way stretch system, with increased trail-specific durability & incredible breathability. With 30 GSM less fabric weight on the arms, riders will feel the beauty of unrestricted free movement.

VENTILATION - Strategically placed air vents in the armpits made of 80 GSM Poly Netting allowing instant airflow cooling & enhanced airflow on and off the bike.

STASH POCKET - Small Zipped pocket, with quality YKK zip, fits your keys or credit card! For those times you just don’t need a bag, yet want to pitstop at the pub.

COLLAR - Double layered Poly/Polyurea Copolymer Hybrid 150 GSM Circle neck - not too tight, not too loose, like your favourite fitting t-shirt. 

CUFFS - Elasticated cuffs with durable quality elastic band for a glove-friendly fit & feel.

We do things our way. We decided to make ourselves some MTB Jerseys, for the Shredheads! Keeping it real is our slogan because we don’t follow any trends or chase profit margins like many companies in the MTB industry.

We stay true to ourselves, making products which we ourselves and our friends want. No market research & targeting needed, we are here only to sort fellow brother & sisters with our same mindset! Leave the rest to the mainstream!

Our objective was to develop a truly unique MTB Jersey, with premium fabrics & tech like many of the top end brands. However, our specifications were the polar opposite to the industry standard. 

Wipe out the element of “Fashion, Trends & Marketing” putting it all in the hands of Shredheads worldwide. Granting our amazing creative collective of artists complete artistic freedom! 

We are also able to print fully custom artwork to our fellow Shredhead’s liking, with our renowned quality “No Feel” prints - no more thick, cheap Vinyl full of nasty PVC which peels of, shrinks or cracks. To our amazement, this is still something that the big names out there haven't considered.

Regarding technical specifications,  soft feel, comfort & free movement was at the top of our list. All year-round performance for all types of weather, because we ride in the UK. As a small company, we had to demolish any restrictions on budget and take the bullet! We wanted everything to exceed our high standards & surpass our expectations. 

For any inquiries just give us a call it's a lot faster, or drop us an email but we are experiencing a lot of emails these days - we try our best :) 

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