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A Slice of British Pie came about when the want to create a patriotic, madness filled, nationwide mountain bike film crossed paths with the opportunity and the right people when I was working on an internship at Dirt Mag in 2014.

The idea couldn't have been more down their street, and the rest is history. A trilogy later and British Pie has become one of the most recognised and respected film series in the industry. No fancy slo-mo, no elitism.. British Pie was to be inclusive of everyone and on a level which would inspire people to go ride or go pick up a camera.

And with the UK scene forever growing, I was buzzing to be a part of this growth and one of the best parts for me is giving some lesser known riders with serious bike handling skills a platform to get recognised and seen in front of the masses.

We've always done Pie merch, but for this 3rd film we wanted to up the game.. Banana Industries have always been on my radar and I knew full well that the clothing was top notch, after getting hold of a 50/01 shirt or two. So it kind of made sense for us to collaborate on some merch ready for the premieres. But Fabio and the boys had bigger plans, they suggested a full British Pie range available on their website.

And here it is, get stuck into some pie goodies! " Tom Cadwell