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15 L Dry Bag Yellow

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Being completely honest here ....we live in the UK! The land of rain and rugged weather like no other - Fabz (is Italian, been here 8 years now & still can't climatize!).

Everything gets wet and you need to be ready for it at any time! So we got some dry bags to keep our stuff dry. We wanted some smaller compactable dry bags to keep things within a bag. 

This bag is 15  L capacity, the biggest we do fits your average sleeping bag! Ideal for when you are road tripping around the world with you bros! Keeping you organized along the way!

  • This bag is 15 L Capacity 
  • The dry bags are 100% waterproof ripstop polyester
  • The seams are heat welded to make sure its waterproof 
  • Super lightweight with a GSM of only 20 g of fabric