Why Us ?


We get loads of customers who reffer to our T-shirts as "the best T-Shirt I have ever owned". Why? Cause we use a new technique called Sublimation, which leaves a "no feel print" making it super light and breathable  unlike other methods

So...we are working on providing custom printed T-Shirts, Hoodies and Sweatshirts dirrectly online. So if you got a small crew or want to start a little brand , or even just raise a bit of money for a project we will provide you with the same quality stuff we sell as part of our brands .

Why we doing this? Well lets just say for a couple years we struggled to find manufactures that would meet our quality, ethos and business approach. This lead us to say "fuck it" and we took things into our hands . So now we feel like we can help other people like us 

Peace , Banana Boyz