What Is VeeLoop?

VeeLoop is a payment approval service that enables young people to shop online safely and independently whilst giving parents visibility and control.
Kids and teens are constantly online and want to choose their own purchases, but often don’t have the means to pay. That’s where VeeLoop comes in – so they can enjoy the benefits of online shopping in a safe way, with the guidance of their parents.
VeeLoop is easy to use – just fill your basket, click ‘pay with VeeLoop’ and enter your parent’s email address; they receive your basket, approve and pay – that’s it!

How does VeeLoop work?

VeeLoop works as a payment approval service by sending the teen’s basket to the parent for review and payment. Only the parent provides payment information and delivery details, protecting the young person’s personal details.
• The teenager fills up a basket in the normal way. When they get to the checkout, they choose ‘Pay with VeeLoop’.
• The teen simply enters their email address and the parent’s email address and hits send. The basket is now sent to the parent.
• The parent is notified by email. They sign in to VeeLoop.com to view the basket and complete the checkout and payment process. Parents can check orders anywhere, whenever they are ready.
Does the parent control what is purchased?
The parent receives an email with each order the teen creates and reviews it, approving or rejecting each item before proceeding to checkout. Parents can let their child know reasons why an item is rejected, and their account will keep a list of rejected items for future reference – for example birthday or Christmas presents.

How are personal and payment data handled?

VeeLoop take data protection and privacy very seriously. The child only provides an email address to VeeLoop and this information is not shared with anyone else. Only adults provide personal and payment details. VeeLoop processes the payment through secure gateway, Stripe. VeeLoop sends through the order, delivery address and confirmation of payment to the shop for order fulfilment.

Is VeeLoop free to use?

Yes, the service is free for parents and teens to use, just pay for the items and delivery as

Age verification

By clicking enter you are verifying that you are old enough to consume alcohol.


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