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The Banana Logo

Our logo represents a statement against corporate branding, not being part of the conventional tick. We are against targeted marketing, extortionate margins and fast fashion. We simply keep it real, doing our own thing. For those other people out there like us, we are not intrested in the mainstream.

Yes it has been a huge struggle to work with our branding, but it is what sets us appart & enshures we can never sell out. Our logo defies all the factors that are deemed crusial when designing a logo, yet here we are :)

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DIY Attitude

Since the beginning, we've handled all sides of the business ourselves. From learning how to print t shirts, fine tuning the production of our products, retrofitting our entire office, packaging and shipping, customer service, to building our website. It's hard work, having learned through trial and error, but we've done it. It's the old cliché - If you want something done right, then do it yourself.

Straight Outta The Loft

We started Banana as two clueless uni students, and believe us, it's been a roller-coaster of fun, madness and stress. When we finally committed full time, we operated out of our attic. This lasted until we were swimming in boxes, we could barely move! This was a clear sign we needed to take the next step, so we moved into a small space downtown in Sheffield. Finally we had our home back!

Keeping It Real

Our philosophy is to treat all customer as friends, retaining the human element. Believe it or not, there is only 2 of us running the show at banana industries. We cannot thank our supporters enough, it's amazing that we've  managed to find, and be a part of a flourishing community of people just like us. We even get invites or visits from brothers outside the UK, which prooves a brand is simply a community of like minded people exchanig positive energy #Bananaclan Worldwide!

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The Collective

Banana is the mother-brand and launching platform behind those who are a part of the Collective. Simply a group of mates - working together to create Eco-friendly & Ethically sourced products for other like-minded people around the world.

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