About Us

We "Keep It Green"

 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

We try our best to preserve the environment, keeping it clean for the generations to come.

We make sure all our textiles are sourced from suppliers and manufactures that meet our ethical and environmental standards. 

All our machinery is Energy Starr Rated, making sure we reduce are imprint as much as possible,
(and running on 100% RENEWABLE Electricity from UK Wind and Solar farms) 

We use Eco-Sol Gel Max Inks, free from PVC or any other harmful elements. These inks are made from natural pigments and completely biodegradable, leaving no trace to the environment. 

All our products are shipped with PET recycled packaging. We also recycle our business waste such as plastics and paper.

We Print 2 Order

All our print work is done in house, by us, by hand and with a lot of love and care.

We do not believe in economies of scale, placing large orders and holding thousands of products in a warehouse that might never be sold, we feel like it would be a waist .

Over consuming our natural resources to make more profit just fuels the spiral of humankinds destruction of the planet.

We believe in Mass Customisation, with no major stock holding. Each order is sent to production once purchased by our customer.

So keep in mind when you place an order there is a lot of work that goes behind it , and it's all done in house , we do not outsource anything cause this way we can insure our values and standards are met.

"Keeping It Real"

We feel at home in the wild nature. In the mud, rain, sun and snow.

A real passion for adventure, traveling to different places all over the globe.

Experiencing different cultures and meeting new people everywhere we go.

With a constant urge to push ourselves in numerous outdoors sports and activities along the road.

This is what we are really about. It is these experiences that push our imagination, styles and inspirations for our clothing line and future products to come.

We hope you are able to see we are just a group of friends trying to have fun, we try and share that to the world through our brands and products.

Like we Said - We "Keeping it real"

Happy Shredding! Peace and Love To All

Thank you for you support

We can't thank you all enough, we have been working really hard for the past couple of years towards reaching our vision. Its really hard to explain in words, so our boy Sponge has written us a poem , enjoy :)

The Banana Poem 
by: Sponge 

Here’s a little insight

To the Banana crew

We’re doing alright

And it’s all thanks to you

The ethos is eco

Behind a friendly face

With fresh designs on the go

In this banana shaped space

Quality is key

In service and production

We’re a tight family

Big on social interaction

We ship worldwide

Whatever which way

If we could we would ride

All night and all day

But other stuff’s good

So we skate and slap clay

N help out in the woods

So we can go play

Wharny sessions are on

Courtesy of clay spades

We rep 50:01

Who higher the grades

The office is small

For dreams this big

So we’ve been known to fall

And mistake a hat for a wig

But it’s all good

And we have a laugh

Fresh outta Sheffield

Shipping straight from the gaff

So get down with the Banana

And represent how you can

We’ll send you free stickers

So you can pimp out your van.