Wheel Love Enamel Mug

Wheel Love Enamel Mug
Wheel Love Enamel Mug
Product image 1Wheel Love Enamel Mug
Product image 2Wheel Love Enamel Mug

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Absolutely stoked on our new mugs, we thought enamel is the way to go as it's truly a mug for life, it won't ever let you down! Virtually unbreakable, unless you smelt it in a furnace, or run over it in a jeep!
Ideal for camping, home use and all that tea brewing int woods. 

If you've seen 50to01's Wheel Love, you know what its all about!!
All hand printed by ourselves here in Sheffield :)

Please bare in mind,  each mug is unique and may contain some blemishes and/or black dots, this is perfectly normal and expected with enamel mugs. Customers are advised to consider this before purchasing.

Have one mug for life! - Keeping it Green & Clean = Keeping it real , Peace & love to all 

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