Factory Seconds - T-shirts

Factory Seconds  -  T-shirts

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You'll receive a random T-shirt of your selected size: if you have any preference - add a note to the order within the checkout & we'll do our best to find you a match. 

We print all our clothing ourselves in Sheffield. We don't outsource any side of the business other than a few products (bespoke manufacturing by ethical & sustainable sources). We tend to be very critical when it comes to print quality unless it's perfect we won't ship it to you!

However, we have boxes of t-shirt seconds, old stock, discontinued items, all taking up space. From never released samples, OG designs, test prints, rejects, lightly marked or slightly dirty or faded designs. Most of our friends pop down and grab them, and they don't even notice, so they gave us the idea to get them online for cheaper :) 


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