The Misfifty Sock

The Misfifty Sock
The Misfifty Sock
The Misfifty Sock
The Misfifty Sock
The Misfifty Sock
The Misfifty Sock
The Misfifty Sock
Product image 1The Misfifty Sock
Product image 2The Misfifty Sock
Product image 3The Misfifty Sock
Product image 4The Misfifty Sock
Product image 5The Misfifty Sock
Product image 6The Misfifty Sock
Product image 7The Misfifty Sock

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So excited to introduce our new and improved range of socks. We've teamed up with Exceptio again to bring you 4 different design and fits, each one suites a different scenario and function. We had room to improve with our last sets, we know. The fit and size are now much more universal, way stretchier and durable... your feet are gonna love 'em... Ours do. We are learning along the way and enjoying the process, all the feedback and messages are always much appreciated - 50to01 is about you guys, the people supporting, you keep the fire lit for us to bring the best possible products we can.

The Misfifty Sock:

It's looking a bit chilly outside, your toes are feeling it. Don't worry... we've got you. A chunkier foot means the warmth and comfort is down low but up top we have a nice thick fitted sock bringing you our warmest and probably most durable sock, The Misfifty.

Material Spec:

60% Cotton
20% Nylon
18% Acrylic
2% Elastane

Size: 6-11


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