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Who Is COV???

Who Is COV???

Banana Clanians,Homies,Crew,Fam,Brothers,Sisters or whatever else you like to be addressed as  = ) We'd like to take you along with us on our Journey in 2022 through a way of communication known as Blogging??? In 2022 It's rare people will read  so there's no great expectation in this becoming a number 1 best seller however, that's kind of  Banana Industries in a Nutshell...… Late to the Party but doing things our own way

As a formal way of introduction I'm Cov and as you've probably guessed I work at Banana Industries. I'm unsure of my Official Job Title so i'll just say i do a bit of everything from production to packing orders to managing the warehouse and so on. The whole reason behind these blogs is so we can connect more with our Global Family AKA the Banana Clan and give you guys a more in depth raw uncut version of Banana Industries. We are the self proclaimed Keepers of the real so there's nothing that we will shy away from talking about. We want the clan to be a solid family unit with everyone ranging from the Gaffers (bosses) to the customers singing from the same song sheet.

It would be unfair of me to start right back at the beginning when Banana Industries was merely a twinkle in Fab and Tom's eyes, I'll leave that to them to tell you that story but what I can do is tell you my story and how I became involved in the Banana Clan.

Lasering in on the embroidery machine

In August of 2016 I'd finished Serving 7  Years in the British Military and was leaving to make some serious cash money in so-called "Civvy Street ''. I'm not ashamed to say that I was money driven at this stage of my life. I'd never had a "normal job" and was naïve as to how the world really worked. Not long after Starting my first job doing Railway Telecommunications it dawned on me that I was struggling to adjust to my new life and quickly realised that money certainly isn't everything. I missed the comradery from the military and felt like I didn't really fit in with the vast majority of people I worked with. It was around this time I bought my first Mountain bike so that I could get out on my own and just be at one with my surroundings without having to worry about anything, basically trying to find out what I was doing with my life.

As the vast majority of people are aware we are all eaten up by social media, the constant scrolling and clicking, just mindless hours of content we don't even consume properly as it's too easily available. I was part of that system too but my little nugget of gold was buried in there when I stumbled across Banana Industries On Instagram. I clicked on their page and I instantly felt like it was a company I could get down with so I placed a small order and went about my daily life of consuming as much bike content as possible and then going to work dreaming of a world filled with more bikes and also of a job that I actually enjoyed. When I received my first order it came with a little handwritten note in it thanking me for my support and how much it meant to a small company. For me that was worth more than any free sticker or 10% discount code. I felt like this was a company run by real everyday people who care for their customers more than their bank accounts. Low and behold 1 order turned into 2 which eventually turned into 22 orders and sat me right in the number 1 position for the customer with the most orders. (This record no longer stands; we have a few customers with 25+ orders who were super grateful to have).

At this stage in 2019 I was no longer working on the Railway and I was bouncing about jobs trying to find something where I could settle down and enjoy what I did with my life . My bike obsession had fully consumed my social life and all I cared about was digging and riding. Within the digging community I had found the comradery I was longing for, a small group of hardcore dirt bags who work round the clock to create something we can all enjoy together. I was on my break at work ignoring everyone whilst mindlessly scrolling again as we all do and there it was, right there on my phone screen …. Banana Industries are now hiring !!!!. At this stage of me being 22 orders deep I'd spoken to Tom and Fab a fair few times on the phone so I wasted no time in hitting them up and sending my CV over anxiously waiting for some sort of reply.

Aligning the DTG machine for print

Fab rang me a few days later explaining they were going to be attending the Malvern's classic that year and wanted to know if i wanted to work that weekend as a sort of trial. Obviously I said yes and went through after work to help them prepare all the products. As soon as I walked into the Banana HQ I was put straight to work pressing mugs and T-shirts. literally I'd never touched anything like this work wise and here i was straight in at the deep end but loving every minute. The Malvern's actually cancelled the festival that weekend due to bad weather but I must have done something right as Tom and Fab offered me the job there and then to become the first Official Employee of Banana Industries.
I started work on July 1st 2019 and within 3 and a half months the lads had me trained on the machines and were confident enough in my abilities of running the show that they took a company trip out to Bali for 5 weeks leaving me behind to run the whole production and packaging side of the business. Needless to say when they returned to the UK I was burnt out and took a well deserved week off only to return to work in the middle of the xmas rush and got straight back into the fight.

It's sick and chaotic sometimes, we're now 5 members of staff deep and have grown considerably since I did my first ever mug press back in 2019. Don't get me wrong it's really hard at times as we are still relatively small and aren't always guaranteed to hit payroll every month when the times are really hard but we're doing everything we can to grow the company the right way. If you've been a customer for a while now you'll know we're not here to make millions, we're here to do things the way they should be done.

Hopefully I haven't bored you to tears at this point. The plan is to keep updating the Blog at least once a month just to keep everyone in the loop on what's going on here at Banana HQ and give you some behind the scenes information that you wouldn't get to see on social media etc.
Thanks for your time

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