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Nothing But The Truth Feb 2022

Nothing But The Truth Feb 2022

February wow!!! what a month, what a crazy start to the year. Christmas was good to us and left us feeling positive that in January we will maintain some momentum giving us a solid start to 2022. Not Quite the case unfortunately, January we did Okay considering the current global situation with high hopes of things settling back down and hopefully beginning to show signs of normality soon. Remember in one of my first blogs when I said we'd be totally honest with everything? well there wont be any exceptions made were just here to tell you how it really is working for a smaller independent company in these challenging times.

Today is March 1st and right now the weather is coming in at a typical British 7 degrees outside. Inside Banana HQ the temperature is probably the same as is outside. We haven't been running the heating here for a few weeks now as money is on the tight side shall we say. This is the beauty of working for a small company like this, everybody is here because they want to be here not because they just want a pay cheque at the end of the month, we put our big coats on and get on with the day and its as simple as that.

We know with how things are these days, were not the only ones without heating etc so we just get on with life knowing there are people out there in much worse situations and for those people we send our best hopes and wishes. So how does a small company who had a good xmas end up towing the line 2 months later sitting in down jackets wondering if were going to see the month out?

I think its quite simple really, the age old saying which is so unfortunately true. MONEY MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND !!!. Without money we cant survive and I use "We" as a collective for everybody. Brexit,Covid and Putin to name a few are just a small handful of events that have flipped Banana Industries on its head over the last few years. A healthy amount of our custom base was over seas in Europe particularly in Germany but when Brexit came in to play we saw this drop significantly, but what can we do? We understand people don't want to pay these import taxes and rightly so, we removed tax off of products to our overseas customers to save them some money that they can put towards paying the import tax. Its not a massive saving but were doing whatever we can to help as I cant imagine there are many other companies offering the same fair play. We're not foolish we understand that without customers you don't have a business so customers have always and will always be our number 1 priority. 

Shipping Costs through the roof, again what can we do? we've tried to make it as cheap as humanly possible, changing how we do things, changing couriers constantly working hard to save money for the customers. The current situation within Ukraine has effected shipping again and just to make this crystal clear we are not for a single moment moaning about this, to do so would be Ludacris as what that country is experiencing right now is heart braking. Ukraine the Banana Clan sends its support and best wishes.

Money is tight, the UK is basically on its arse right now and we're all feeling the effects in one way or another. We don't pay ourselves handsomely we simply cant afford to we invest back in to the business in the hope that one day we'll all be comfortable working for a business that has grown organically maintaining the same ethos it started with on day one. People aren't spending like they use to and that's what it all boils down to essentially. Of course we understand why this is happening unfortunately its just how it is at the minute and is something that is out of our hands. 

Social media will always play its part, its performed absolute miracles for us it helps significantly with sales and for us to connect with the global clan which is sick. We get to chat to our customers everyday and cannot thank you guys enough for everything you have done for us to this point. The ugly step sister side to social media has reared its head over the last few months and is something we've found can have a detrimental effect to a small business like ourselves.

Just a quick example to help you understand this is recently ( last 6 months)  We asked our followers if they would consider buying bike parts from banana over leading companies such as CRC for example. We were met with a very positive response which then lead us on to asking the clan what they would like to see us to stock i.e. components and brands. We listened to what had been said and took the plunge in to the unknown not knowing how things would go. When you put all your eggs in one basket you leave yourself open to the possibility of failure and unfortunately on this front we took a hit in the business. We took a risk off the back of an Instagram post and it just didn't work simply, the parts people were asking for are still sat on the shelves months later and will be sold at cost price so we can recoup some of the money back.

Not for a second are we blaming our followers on social media for this happening, we put out the polls ,we asked the questions and we payed the money for the products without any guarantee of anything ever selling. That's business is a nut shell you don't win them all but just to give you some context as to why we aren't doing so well this year this is just one of a few examples I could give to you. Its been rough we wont lie financially we aren't by any means making a killing were just ( some days skin of the teeth) getting by and just keep fighting to keep this little beauty running. 

With that being said about social media we also put out a post recently basically telling you guys how it is and the amount of responses we had with positive messages and love was overwhelming not to mention people spending money with us when times are hard. We cant thank you enough for the love you've shown us and the continued support you show us, yes were going through a rough patch and every penny counts right now but were sure to continue the fight and keep the dream alive. 

As always thank you so much for your time and continued support you are the driving motion behind Banana Industries and you're the people that are keeping us alive. Also a massive thanks for spending any spare money you have with us in these hard times that is also is what keeps us alive as a business we cannot thank you enough. As a token of our appreciation we've put a lot of our stock on seriously discounted prices to help you but to also help us claw in some money to restart this beauty and hit the ground running once more.




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