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MLB V3 Loose Cannon Trails

MLB V3 Loose Cannon Trails

The first time I ever crossed paths with Cal I remember instantly thinking "wow this lad is a ball of energy" He was riding an old 24 inch jump bike over with the DDS on the trails and it was clear how much fun he was having. Anyone who has met him will notice his mad laugh straight away as it becomes somewhat infectious when you're with him. The minute he finished one lap of the trails he was straight back to the top chomping at the bit to drop in again, for sure the kind of guy that energy matches his riding style.

Cal has been in and around the local scene for years which is not surprising when you watch him ride his experience shines through, for what seems to be a re occurring pattern here Cal is also a bit of a gangster on the shovel to the point he's made himself his very own dirt skate park in his back garden with help from friends and his kids which is seriously cool.

Anything that can generate enough speed to make your eyes expand Cal is in to it, BMX,DJ,Freeride,Skatepark the list goes on. The whole vibe you get with Cal is portrayed ten fold in to Loose Cannon making for some of the sickest private backyard trails I have seen. Kudos to the crew who help on the shovels its the same theme once again when it comes to building your own set ups. You dig what you like to ride, tweak it , ride it some more then repeat process over and over again until maybe, just maybe, you're happy with the years of work you've given to this spot.

For sure it sounds Cool and somewhat Rogue to have your own trails in your own garden, no doubt a lot of folk will come to the conclusion that Cal is " Lucky" to have that facility in his garden. I'm sure Cal will agree to some extent but as per with most situations everything is not always what it seems. Cal lives in a static caravan right next to his trails, this is where he's chosen to live and bring up his kids, of course that comes with sacrifices as does every decision we all choose to make. So what he lives in a caravan what's the big fuss? The fact that we've just seen some of the gnarliest storms in the UK for a long long time I'm pretty sure there wouldn't be many people who would raise their hands and admit they'd be hyped to live in a static caravan during that period.

Within the last 12 months Cal has left a stable job to pursue a job more suited to his lifestyle, a job that allows him to spend a lot more time with the kids and now of course his dirt babies, a lifestyle change that is admirable to say the least. Like honestly how many people can actually say they have a sick set of trails in their own garden that they get to tend to day in day out with their kids and an hand on heart say " I made this life for myself" dreaming it is one thing but actually committing to it is a complete different ball game. Hats off to any person who pursues their life dream when there's so much at risk.

So What actually is Loose Cannon then? If you haven't grasped by now its a set of private BMX trails in my mates Back garden. An ongoing project that honestly I don't know will ever be finished, not because the workmanship isn't good enough. No, quite the contrary the lads like the trails are constantly evolving. More speed, more height, more style ,more danger seems to be the focus when the shovels come out. What feature can we put in here? if we do this then will the next section flow as good? can we link the dirt bowl in to the trails? the question are limitless as are the possibilities. The only limits that Loose Cannon faces are the ones that the builders and riders set themselves. Yes I used the word "riders" as Cal rides these trails with the homies, the people who will come pick up a shovel and help craft his dream. I cant speak directly on his behalf but I'd imagine  if you were to ask him if you can ride his trails you better have had given something back to the trail community at some point. There are no laps for dry guys at Loose Cannon let me tell you.

As with everything it takes time and patience, Don't think for a second that these trails just appeared overnight because their own private land, I've been there in the snow with the crew, countless winter hours from Cal and a few more dedicated heads have made Loose Cannon what is today. Folk that split their time between spots who ultimately spend more time digging than riding all year long. The sort of people that are very hard to come by, people want everything for nothing these days so when you come across these little golden nuggets you hold on to them and pay them the ultimate respect. 

If you want it enough you will go out and get it, excuses can be made and will only be justified by people who also don't want it enough. I'm not for one minute suggesting everyone has a garden big enough to build their own trails but I'm pretty sure even if everyone did there still wouldn't be many who would put the work in to build their own trails. The re occurring theme throughout this mini series is unity. Help your local spot because without it what else have you got. Many hands make light work don't forget and many dry guys make winter a fuck load harder for the small minority of trail builders.


BANANA BOYS & Loose Cannon

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