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March & April 22 What's ocurrrrring

March & April 22 What's ocurrrrring

Yo Clan how's it going? were back live and direct blogging it up for the crew to drop some insight on to what's been going down at Banana HQ over the last 2 months. Sorry the blogs haven't been monthly were just Hella busy trying to hustle and keep Banana going strong so yeah apologies on that one.

Anyhow, just wanted to start off with a massive thankyou to all the homies who have supported us through these challenging times and continue to stand with us today. We reached out in March to the Banana Clan and in true Banana fashion dropped some truth bombs. We were struggling, we were really feeling the brunt of covid, of Brexit, of customs charges and whatever else the gods of the small business world wanted to throw at us. We really were up shits creek without a paddle with no clue how we were going to get back to the calming waters were use to.

Options for survival were very limited with only 2 possible outcomes.... sink or swim. As simple as that, we either succeed or we fail as a business there's no middle ground in situations like this unfortunately. So what do you do in a situation like this? quite simple really, you do what you've gotta do to survive. We spoke out about our situation and followed it up with the MOAS ( Mother Of All Sales). Crazy prices on our products, when I say crazy I mean crazy, we charged cost price for a hell of a lot of our products in the hope that we could bring money back in and help stabilise us financially for a little while . It goes without saying that we made zero profit which in business terms is bad for a company of Bananas size. Don't get it twisted were only 5 staff strong here but still no profit is a bad bad situation. 

In a strange way its very humbling to see how quick things can flip 180, one minute the company is in the best place its ever been then 6 months later you're calling out to your customers pleading for help because things are going to plan and you're potentially one more bad month from polishing your CV up. As with every business when you're in the smaller stages every new product is a gamble, will it be a hit with the customers or will it flop and leave you in the S**T. It can be hard and extremely frustrating at times when you've worked so hard with companies from all over the world to create new products that you really believe in only for them to arrive and people not be as hyped as us. It goes without saying that we want people to be hyped on our products but sometimes we struggle to showcase how good the products really are and then end up having to sell them at a really low price. 

The Banana trail tool is a prime example of a great quality product that's just collecting dust on the shelves and leaving us scratching our heads


We had our very own custom tubeless valves made, we worked with companies overseas who make tubeless valves for all the big players out there, we don't need to name names but lets just say they all pretty much come from the same factory including ours. We gave the customer more features on the valves with the valve core removal tool integrated in to the cap, threw on some cool laser etched banana slogan and obviously made the packaging out of fully recyclable materials ( which no one else on the market is doing) then put them out there for £18. No one in the industry can get close to us for the quality to price ratio, period. The big cats are charging between £22-30 for a less quality product and when you can see this happening in front of you it really feels like a kick in the dick man, excuse my French.

Apologies if this sounds like a rant about other companies its really not meant to come across like that its just a quick example of how putting your faith in one product as a small business can either make you or break you. So then how do you become one of the big cats? we don't know that answer but were almost certain it entails diluting the quality of your products whilst charging absurd prices, something well never do and the reason were not a global giant in the MTB world. We're proud of who we are and where we've come from, we're even prouder of the Clan members we have recruited along the way on this mad journey.

As much as its been a struggle to keep our head above water the last few months there has been positive news and new beginnings here at Banana. Our boy Ben over at kick rocks who does a lot of our dope media shots has released his clothing line and were stoked on it. He's a real grafter and knows what he wants, no shortcuts no BS just a hard worker who fits the Banana vibe perfectly. It was also 420 and the free grinder and lighter with every T-shirt order went down well the 420 range was met with a good response which was nice to see. We have other products that have been in the pipeline for a while that will hopefully start to surface soon. Hemp socks and some technical riding socks to name a few, we've just got a few things on the financial side to dial in but fingers crossed they'll be with us very soon.

Just to let you know, we will be attending the steel city race on the 14.05.22 at Grenoside where we'll have a stall with our range of MTB products on show and obviously for sale =) plus a few more of the Banana boyz favourite products if you wanna come check anything out or just pop in to say Hi we've always got time for the homies no matter what's going on. 

Finally just to reiterate we want to thank each and every one of you for being loyal and helping us through these hard times. We know that there's still a lot of the Clan who will be sceptical about our MTB products and we understand that shiny bling bits from named companies will always sell irrespective of the quality or cost, all we ask is that you give us a thought next time you may need something we promise you'll be surprised at how good the products are for the price we charge. Anyway you bunch of legends enough of my waffling on its been nice to get back behind the screen and write to you guys. Hope everyone is well and as always KEEP IT REAL!!!!!




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