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2022 What You Saying?

2022 What You Saying?

Fellow Clanians what's good? Its Cov back at it again with another one of these blog things. As i write this half way through February I thought it would be a good time to give you all a run through of how the new year started here at Banana HQ. The 5 of us ( Fab,Tom,Me,Gray and El) returned to work on the 4th of Jan after a mixed result of success and misery over the Xmas Holidays, me and El had Covid so that was fun but the rest of the crew enjoyed some much needed time off.

It was decided that we would trial a 4 day work week in January to see if this helped raise productivity levels whilst reducing work stress levels. So far so good this is proving to work great for us as it works in a way that at least 3 people are at work everyday of the week so we can still maintain the work rate to ensure orders are going out the door Mon-Fri.

Stickers all day everyday 

As predicted with the current global situation, we like everyone else felt the pinch coming in to the new year, the number of orders we took were down quite a lot and it left us scratching our heads as to what to do moving forward. We're normal everyday people we have the same stresses and problems as everyone else we just have to keep pushing forward and make the most of what we've got. Luckily for us we have an insane foundation of loyal customers where time and time again they keep us moving forward putting their trust in us by exchanging hard earned cash for Banana goodies which massively helped keep us afloat and moving in the right direction.

With things being that bit quieter it gave us time to re-arrange the entire warehouse and make the system as efficient as possible, Gray started getting super creative with inks and paper making some really sick artwork that you'll have to keep your eyes peeled for. Whilst on the topic of Creativity Big Boss man Fabio decided to launch a long awaited hip hop track made right here in Sheffield with producer Big Shug over at Grenoside Studios. If anyone actually reads these blogs and wants a full EP release of the track please let us know and we'll see what we can do. Fabio AKA Mad Fist insists that management wont be stoked on an early release but its worth a shot.

Mad Fist Throwing up the Bull Horns after getting the session in

So yeah basically that's about it for January its been a rocky start to the year as predicted we know 99% of the Clan will be in the same boat so we just aim to maintain the status of keeping it real for you guys delivering the best products for the best price. If you didn't know were on TikTok now as well as Insta and Facebook so for more frequent news check those platforms out and if you haven't already maybe consider subscribing to the newsletter where we give out special deals like all sock for £3.50!!! say whaaaaaat.

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